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Filter sand and gravel used for treatment of water for human consumption according to DIN EN 12904 : 1999
(Substitute for DIN 19623 : 1978)

Due to its high chemical and mineralogical purity and its favourable grain shape crystal quartz sand from Schlingmeier is well suited for the treatment of water for human consumption.

The following table shows selected grades meeting all requirements of the highest product standard (Type 1) according to DIN EN 12904.


quartz sand

Size range
according to
DIN EN 12904

Product standard
according to
DIN EN 12904




S 0,4-0,8T

0,4 - 0,8 Type 1

Monolayer and multilayer filters

S 0,7-1,2T

0,60 - 1,18

Type 1

Monolayer filters

0,71 - 1,25


1,0 - 2,0

Type 1

Monolayer filters


Special grades are produced on request.



Please pay attention to the following:


It is the duty of our contractual partner to check the suitability of the product for his specific application. Otherwise, our "General terms and conditions" apply.








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