Schlingmeier Quarzsand

Filter Sand and Filter Gravel according to DIN EN 12904 : 2005

Due to its high chemical and mineralogical purity and its favourable grain shape Crystal Quartz Sand from Schlingmeier is well suited for the treatment of water for human consumption.

The following table shows selected grades meeting all requirements of the highest product standard (Type 1) according to DIN EN 12904 (Substitute for DIN 19623 : 1978) for Treatment of Water for Human Consumption.

keywords Crystal Quartz Sand Grain sizes acc. to DIN EN 12904
Product type acc. to DIN EN 12904 Typical applications Technical
Data Sheet
S 0,4-0,8T 0,4 - 0,8 Type 1 Single-layer filters and multi-layer filters
S 0,7-1,2T 0,60 - 1,18 Type 1 Single-layer filters
S 0,7-1,2T 0,71 - 1,25 Type 1 Single-layer filters
S1-2T 1,0 - 2,0 Type 1 Single-layer filters
All dry sands (T) can be supplied as blended grades. Schlingmeier Quarzsand silica sands are processed natural raw materials. All data are approximate values and do not represent any warrant.

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