Schlingmeier Quarzsand

Quartz Sands for Playgrounds, Golf-Courses and Athletic Grounds

Selecting sands for playgrounds, golf-courses and athletic grounds is not easy. The decision requires plenty of investigations. The most important properties of a sand are colour, grain size distribution, grain shape, purity and composition. In addition, hygienic aspects are of importance.

Due to its high whiteness and brightness Crystal Quartz Sand from Schlingmeier is predestined for the arrangement of playgrounds, golf-courses and athletic grounds. The sand is free of organic impurities and hence nutrient concentration is extremely poor. Therefore, the development of undesired and noxious soil organisms is impaired. Quartz sand from Schlingmeier is multiple washed and free of impurities such as clay, soil, or gravel. The shape of the sand grains is subangular. Angular and subangular sand grains can improve the biomechanical properties of a ground. The domestic statutory thresholds for heavy metals in playgrounds are clearly undercut.

The following table shows sand qualities for a wide range of applications in leisure and sports.

keywords Product d - D
Grain shape Typical applications Technical
Data Sheet
Sand for playgrounds 0,1 - 1,0 subangular in children's playgrounds, sand boxes, sandpits, including certificate
Impact absorbing sand 0,4 - 1,4 subangular Impact absorbing playground surfacing, including certificate
Beachvolleyball sand
DVV-Beach 1
0,1 - 1,0 subangular Beach volleyball groundfloors registered to "DVV Beach 1" (Deutscher Volleyball-Verband); licensed sand for national team tournaments; certificate download
Golf: Topdressing sand
G23 (T)
0,1 - 0,6 subangular as fine, bright white golf sand, e.g., for topdressing
Golf: Bunker sand
G 0,3-1 (T)
0,3 - 1,0 subangular as bright white golf court sand especially for bunkers
Golf: Scarifying sand
G 0,3-1 (T)
0,3 - 1,0 subangular as highly pure supporting element to nourish meadows, fairways und greens
Golf: Aeration sand
S 0,4-1,4 (T)
0,4 - 1,4 subangular for application in greens to support optimal air- and water contents to fend off moss
Riding arenas
0 - 0,3 subangular as supplementary material for riding sand and flooring for riding arenas; regarding Ebb-Flood-Systems in bright white, please contact us
Synthetic lawn sand
0,2 - 0,8 subangular sand filled synthetic lawn for tennis- und golf courts
Synthetic lawn sand
0,2 - 1,4 subangular sand filled synthetic lawn for football- und hockey courts
d - D ≙ grain size distribution
All dry sands (T) can be supplied as blended grades. Schlingmeier Quarzsand silica sands are processed natural raw materials. All data are approximate values and do not represent any warrant.

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