Schlingmeier Quarzsand

Sanding in Braking

Braking sands for trams and trains are applied directly onto the rail in front of the wheels giving them the additional grip needed to respond to braking and acceleration in slippery conditions. They should have a high quartz content and should be free of loam, clay and oversized grains. Due to its high chemical and mineralogical purity Crystal Quartz Sand from Schlingmeier is distinguished by its high quartz content. Control screening with machines of the latest screen generation delivers products that are free of oversized grains. The wheels will gain additional traction and the sanding system will work reliable without clogging.

keywords Crystal Quartz Sand d - D
Quartz content
Typical applications Technical
Data Sheet
S 0,7-1,2T 0,7 - 1,2 0,94 99,4 > 98 Braking sand for trams and trains
S50TU 0,6 - 2,0 1,37 99,3 > 98 Braking sand for trams and trains
d - D ≙ grain size distribution | d50 ≙ median grain size
All dry sands (T) can be supplied as blended grades. Schlingmeier Quarzsand silica sands are processed natural raw materials. All data are approximate values and do not represent any warrant.

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